1st reaction: “Ooohhh…” O_O
2nd reaction: “Aaawww…” ^_^

1st reaction: “Ooohhh…” O_O
2nd reaction: “Aaawww…” ^_^

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[14.06.29] A fangirl’s cute dilemma when meeting Kim Dongwan during her working vacation in Vancouver


Had heard that Kim Dongwan was in Vancouver, Canada………!!!


Today I met Kim Dongwan oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No different from other days, while being a worker ant,
I went outside to tend to the flowers (I am a cashier and while not quite to the point of a florist, I deal with flowers,…


"Just because we wear the hijab and cover up, does not make us perfect Muslims,"
A comic adaptation from this post by thepiercingstar.

I’ve been wearing hijab for almost 21 years on my own free will, and when I actually have the choice not to wear it. I know how true this is. Hijab is just a piece of cloth that has little, if anything, to do with how good a muslim or a person we are. It does not and should not define us as a muslim nor as a person, for it is our words and actions that do. And whether we wear hijab or not, all the norms, obligations, expectations and consequences of being a muslim apply just the same. Donning a hijab does not make us muslim, nor taking it off makes us not. Being a good person and muslim means constantly and consistently putting efforts in trying to do so, and wearing a hijab is just one of those efforts. So please, don’t judge a lady by her cover! ^_^

Work it, Eric xD ♥♥

Work it, Eric xD ♥♥

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"Happy Father’s day to all dads out there. to my dad who constantly guides and protects me, i love you so dearly. to all Shinhwa dads, thank you for making our oppa’s what they are right now."

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Please let baby Andy be with his hyung 

My heart hurts seeing this hahaha

Andy’s too cute there >< and Eric’s hug looks warm :D

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Eric Mun ‘Que Sera Sera’ 1920X1080 CapTunes Part.3 3P

What the??

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Eric Mun ‘Que Sera Sera’ 1920X1080 CapTunes Part.2 6P

Someone is in bad mood coz his boss gave him overload job…

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Eric being Eric

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